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The Build System: What is it?

The Kokomo Building EcoSystem contains a growing number of projects, grouped by level of difficulty, approximate time to complete, and potential material+tool cost. Each project level introduces new skills and improves on skills acquired from previous levels. By completing increasingly more difficult projects, woodworkers can feel confident in their ability to tackle higher level builds.

The eGuides: How Do They Work?

Our goal is to guide you through a build as smoothly as possible. We try to keep our format and language uniform. This eliminates distractions and allow you to grow woodworking skills faster.

We add only a few additional stages and skills per project level. This means stages and techniques should feel similar and repetitive as you tackle higher levels. This allows you to truly build muscle memory and focus on adding creative touches to your project.

Tool & Material Cost Optimization

Our Building EcoSystem takes tool and material costs into consideration. Our project tool and material requirements “stack” as levels increase. This means you wont be wasting dollars buying tools at Level 1 that you don’t need at Level 4. This also means you can space out your tool purchases over time instead of all at once.


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